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A light chickpea snack / meal (cheap and nutritious)

So, these last couple of years I've started making meals from scratch, to improve the health, but also to save significant amounts of money.

I'm now on a flexitarian diet, and I don't eat much red meat anymore, and rarely white meat such as chicken. I eat quite a bit of fish, tuna and salmon. I also consume eggs and dairy products.

I go to the local immigrant stores and buy packs of veggie products, such as chickpeas. 1 KG costs 35 kroner, 4.5 dollars, 3.75 euros, and divided up, gives significant protein to 10-15 veggie meals.

Today I took one of those chickpea packs (ca 200 grams), and fried it in a pan, alongside some chopped garlic (6 gloves) and a handful of olives:

Picture of chickpeas, olives and chopped garlic fried in a pan, with a spoon

I used Canola oil to fry it in, and added some salt and black peppers to spice things up.

I've been very restrictive on the spices in my food, but this week I shelled out some cash on a 20-gram pack of black pepper, and will start to use pepper a bit more in the cooking. Spices add flavour, but also mask other flavours, so I guess experimenting with different ingredients is easier with less flavour complexity.

Anyway, I'm not sure whether to call this a snack or a meal, but a light meal should be a fitting categorization. And very nutritious and healthy.

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