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Using a spare-tyre, maintenace of rear axle

So, a few days ago I tried to fix the axle of my bike, which broke off, but not completely.

I have an older bike, broken down, stored here as well, and I took the shield around the cone which guards the ball bearing from that, and hoped it would work.

It did work, for a couple of kilometres. Then the tire started wobbling.

Turns out that shield didn't fit, and the ball-bearing beneath it had been gobbled up into bits.

So, I figured I would instead use the entire tyre from the old bike, and it seems like a good fit.

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No description

It had been standing out in the rain etc. though for quite some time, so I disassembled most of the rear axle, cleaned the balls in the ball bearing, put on a good amount of cleaning/lubricant (similar to WB40), and now I'm letting than run off.

No description available

As I'm looking at the tire, I see that it is rated for 70 kgs, and I'm well beyond that, and was at the time that I bought it. I got a bad vibe about those ******* at the store, and it turns out I should have listened more closely to that.

Anyway, I won't be using that tire for long, and I'll be going at a slow pace to keep things safe. It's a useful exercise for me to do this kind of work.

So, I took a break for some food and a cup of tea. It started to rain, I wasn't happy about that, but it turns out the paper becomes water-repellent once it is soaked in oil, and the bits and pieces had water droplets formed on them, which also indicates the oil/cleaner is working.

No description

I guess this cleaning / oil is so thin that it loosens up things, yet it is oily enough to stick and displace water.

I attached the wheel, and it sits well, and looks better after being treated with a bit of that good stuff. Now I just have to get some air into it, and adjust the break pads slightly.

No description

No description

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