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Questioning mental health experts in the Norwegian court

So.. it's been well over 2 years since the court case, which I participated in to get to see my kids and clear up some things about the kids mom, after many unfortunate acts and questionable behaviour.

When I was in court the summer 2015, and afterwards, it felt like a weird experience, for different reasons. But looking back at the whole process, there are a lot of questionable things going on.

But a week ago, I sent an email to the court-appointed mental health experts that were to evaluate me and the kids mom. In their report and in court, they said that the kids mom had no narcissistic or sociopathic traits.

I don't have any formal psychological education, but with my experience of the kids mom and life in general, I find that hard to believe.

So in this email I asked the mental health experts in what was called "INSTITUTT FOR KLINISK FOREBYGGENDE TILTAK AS" [Edit: LTD replaced with AS] (loosely translated to "INSTITUTE FOR CLINICALLY PREVENTATIVE MEASURES LTD" [Edit: Added LTD]), now called "KLINISK KOMPETANSETEAM AS" (loosely translated to "CLINICAL COMPETENCE TEAM LTD"), if they could clarify what they meant by saying that the kids mom had no narcissistic or sociopathic traits, and also say something about how likely it is in general that a person does not have a trait in one of those categories.

It looks like that email was sent 09:05 AM on the 21st of December, and counting the 21st, 22nd, 27th and 28th as working days, I have not seen a response on email, regular snail mail or my phone from these mental health experts. I would think that they could at least give an indication that they would or would not answer in 4 working days.

As for my timing right around Christmas eve, well the case was submitted to the court right before Christmas 2014, by the kids mom. And this is their j-o-b.

It should be mentioned that I filed a complaint to the police against these mental health experts earlier, for false testimony. I have not heard anything from the police regarding this, which is interesting in itself. But I was at the Trondheim police station some weeks ago, wanting to file a complaint against the kids mom, but the person receiving me smiled, shrugged it off and called it a private matter and something that belongs in a civil suit(...).

I've previously written about these mental health experts here:

On a last note, I've talked to other people regarding this, and it seems that equality for mom and dad isn't a reality here in Norway. That's one thing, another might be regional politics, meaning old-fashioned culture and/or a need to keep the population numbers growing.

To me it is clear that the kids mom has played me for some years now, but I doubt she or those directly around her has the muscle to pull off all of this, all by themselves.

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