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Some emails with Inger-Ritha Olsen, leader of child protection services, Rana municipality

So, I haven't seen the kids in person since November 2017, and I've had one video chat with the kids this year.

I've asked for more physical meet-ups, and video chats, but the kids mom is not cooperating.

So my lawyer sent a letter last week, asking that the kids mom agrees to supervision from the state so I can see the kids, be relaxed about seeing the kids and also fulfilling the kids moms "needs" to be assured things are going OK.

I exchanged some emails with Inger-Ritha Olsen today, leader of the child protection services in Rana municipality. I've been in contact with her several times, and also sent "concern messages" regarding the kids well-being. My impression is that the kids want to see me more, but the kids mom doesn't respect that.

So yes, today I emailed her (email 1, email 2 and email 3 on the tail of that email thread), and she has been droning on about this not being a matter for the child protection services, that the kids mom makes it difficult to see the kids or that she has used them to blackmail me/harass me sexually.

On that last email I asked Inger-Ritha if it is tolerable that a mom makes it difficult for the dad to see the kids, if the dad rejects a sexual relationship with the mom. I've seen the kids 2-3 hours on average each month since the summer of 2013.

And the mental health professionals in the court case in the summer of 2015 painted a glorious picture of the kids mom, despite her selfish actions.

With the court case in 2015 which looks like a joke, I have no other real option than to go for a minimum of time seeing the kids in court the next time, because that is what would be difficult to lose on in court, and I wouldn't have to bear the court costs of the kids mom when "losing" a case.

And the court costs for the previous case are something I have to pay, and it was 80.000 NOK, but is now according to the mom, close to 100.000 NOK. That more than 8000-10000 euros, or 10-13000 US dollars. So the kids mom is earning interest on a court case she saw as "necessary", and I have an income of under 200.000 NOK per year.

I have not seen a reply from Inger-Ritha Olsen yet on my last questions.

Email 1 has been edited to remove the name of the kids mom, and may look slightly different.

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