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The kids mom is not cooperating

So, I heard at the start of this week, that the kids mom is coming to Steinkjer this weekend, from my mom.

The kids mom has rejected meeting me in a public play park in Steinkjer today, because I won't sign an agreement she has dictated, regarding seeing the kids.

So after using the kids to try to get sex, then trying to get me to keep my mouth shut, she is now using them to get an agreement she has dictated, and she won't answer simple questions about the agreement. I have no trust in the kids mom, so I can't sign an agreement where I am forced to be at her place, with only her family around.

She will not setup meets in public places, for example in kids play parks, which I know the kids enjoy.

So rather symbolically, I stopped by the Trondheim train station today, to show that I was there and ready to take the train about 200 KMs to see the kids, but the kids mom would not set it up.

Morten standing in front of the departure screen at the trainstation

Because the kids mom has been difficult for over 4,5 years now, I am now publishing the latest email thread, where the man married to the kids mom twin sister, is acting as a negotiatior. I'm also showing the last SMS sent to the kids mom, confirming that my understanding is that she will not let me see the kids in a public place.

The SMS was sent yesterday, Friday, today is Saturday.

Because these last files contain names, I am blocking web indexing spiders, so that it will not be possible to search by their name on Google for example and find this blog post.

I think that's a fair compromise, between upping the sanctions to get a solution, and protecting privacy.

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