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Doodeling along with Java development, "unit development" and more

Yeah, I've been developing a Java app to export all my tweets for safe-keeping.

I'm new to Java, so I asked a bit about limiting the amount of pieces of development software, so it was less complicated to see what the problem was when the code failed.

I asked on, with the message ID <>. I did get some useful feedback, but I guess my idea of a simple bootstrapping development environment has something to it. Why not make something less complex if you can?

I worked on the code for resolving Twitter URLs today, and this is the file as of now:

I have to say, that coming from the Python world, a lot is the same, although I have to say Python is less bureaucratic and easier on the eyes. Maybe in Java's advantage, things are well packaged and one is pretty much forced to think in an object-oriented way.

I can't say that developing in Java is worse than Python, I think they are even in many ways.

The code I've been develolping is fairly simple, the data it works on is also uncomplicated, with standard encodings, data formats and protocols.. so I'm not learning anything new there, and keeping things very simple on whatever I need to store as well, plain-text file format. If I was learning some new protocols and software libraries it could be a bit more difficult.

It's nice though, to see that I'm able to be very productive in a language I haven't used in a work-related context, feels like I'm firing on all cylinders again.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [A Java-based tool to export tweets from Twitter for safe keeping (Atom feed)] [09 Apr 13:33 Europe/Oslo]