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An open letter to Tiller DPS (Tiller psychiatric)

Subject: An open letter to Tiller DPS (Tiller psychiatric)
To: Tiller DPS
Cc: County Governor's office, Various
Bcc: Various


I'm wondering if you can say something about how memories can be manipulated.

Reading a bit of psychology these days, where they among other things, talk about the importance of first and last impressions.

In my own experience, I can remember something that I then and there thought was OK, in a much more negative way, much later in time.

Daniel Molyneux (last psychiatrist) wanted me to start taking anti-depressants and come in on appointments, but since I over a long time [before that] took up problems with the kids mom, and you didn't do anything, I gather that you have seen this family conflict [and me not seeing the kids, or the kids not seeing me] as an opportunity to treat me, and maybe even you had something to do with certain things happening.

So maybe instead of talking with me in [therapy sessions], you could help me sort out today's situation, to get a clear view of who did [and is responsible for] what.


Morten W. Petersen

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