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Everybody can be an idiot

  "Now….turn off that fucking TV."

I don't watch a lot of TV anymore. The TV shows, their themes and plots are so obvious, and watching some random shit that some producers and writers have managed to squeeze out just isn't interesting.

I do watch a handful of shows, but they are in my opinion in the high end, or cover stuff that I can find interesting. But even these shows are getting old, and get stale in the way they are presented and laid up.

There are probably 3 shows that I follow, along with news, but for some reason it is getting less and less interesting.

The stars of my life are my family, friends & colleagues. I find myself laughing often and hard at their remarks, behaviour and jokes. Luckily it will be possible to see interesting, creative and unique people now that we have this thing called the internet, with videos, music and interesting writings everywhere.

Some people say that you can get addicted to the internet and all that, but I still have a social life outside the computer *and* have a rather large contact list in my messenger. I think people get smarter by using the web, as it is a two-way street, and doesn't make you into some dumbed down couch potato.

We are not, after all, domestic animals that are bred, fed, entertained & milked. We're much more.

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