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With a little help, from some dudes

Yesterday there was great progress in the gym. Started chatting with some folks who were also doing weights and we helped each other out in the bench. Managed to do 10 x 60, 8 x 70, 7 x 70 in the bench press, which is a big improvement.

It helps to have someone back you up, so you can attempt lifting heavier weights. The prospect of getting jammed under heavy weights is daunting.

I run a program with a 30 minute warm-up on a step master or other cardio-vascular exercise, then 2-3 different exercises for strength. This is done every other day. Tried doing 2 days with exercise and one day off, but that was a bit too much in the long run - exercising every other day works and there's progress so I'll just stick with that.

There's a possibility of exercising too much as well, and combined with an at times stressful job it is important to not overdo it. I've gone into that trap before and exercised too much, but at the time I wasn't aware you could get too much exercise so I thought it was something wrong with my diet. Lesson learned.

A structured, stable program with exercise every other day and eating well is doing the trick.. I feel generally up-beat and productive when working as well - that hasn't always been the case.

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