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Random spillage (correct me if I'm wrong)

Last last night (around 3 AM) Hilde (my girl), Kaye (my bro) and I came back from 2 weeks in Spain. Also in the gang was Britt (friend of Hilde, but she had to leave after a week).

We spent the last week with Hilde's folks as well, which was a good time. It's good to get to know her family and get some roots (for our flower to grow ;)). :)

Anyway, there was a lot of time to think and relax on the trip, and for better or worse, I think a lot.

Religion, politics, existence are things that I often mull over, to the point of being like a bulldog that never lets go. Picking up bits and pieces of information on the net as I go along. :)

Anyway, what I'm thinking is that religion is a system which in many ways has been the basis of modern society. Rules, rituals and laws which bring order to chaos. The chaos of survival of the fittest, the selfish gene etc. Structure to the slow burn that evolution is.

I learned a bit about Christianity in school, and although I understand and respect the basic rules, some of those rules are outdated as well. It's like a artist called Ravi said (something along the lines of) in a song, "navigating by old maps is insane".

The bible is full of good stories and metaphors that can teach us something about life, and I suspect that with a bit of experience in that field know that there is no God or Devil, Christianity is a tool devised to give people meaning and hope (and perhaps to give "the wise" the control they need). I guess there is some good in most religions, it's just about picking the right things. Maybe YOU should start one of your own? Nirvana sounds like a good idea to me. ;)

Heaven and hell, the carrot and the stick.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions they say, and that is often true. The US plays cop in the world, and steamrolls Saddam under the excuse of avenging the 9/11 attack. Too busy taking care of others business to take care of their own (financial collapse anyone?)

I'm not saying Saddam is a good guy, and maybe these smoke and mirror games are required to keep the public at ease and prevent things from escalating, but that's basically saying that "we know what's good for you, now take this sweet pill."

Maybe these things are just bumps in the road towards A Better Place (TM), but I can't help thinking about it.

I read the other day that the universe could stop expanding.. or "working" or whatever in 50 billion years. The basic laws of physics implied that.

Well, isn't it time to stop the bickering and work together to bend the laws of nature so that we can ourselves be gods, and be able to manipulate everything?

I saw the Matrix some years ago with a friend (Erik) and he kinda got the point, it took a while (me being hung up on details) before I understood the metaphor. The most of us are living in an illusion, being born into it and being none the wiser.

Anyway, enough rambling. Just had to say something. :-)

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