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Asus PC Eee 1000HE 10" black

Today I picked up a new netbook, the Asus PC Eee 1000HE. It runs Windows XP and is fairly snappy.

I've installed the essentials (Thunderbird, Firefox, putty, Spotify and AVG) and it seems to be working well. Even updated via Windows update to get the latest fixes.

One gripe is the keyboard which is taking some getting used to, but if I use this as my main work PC it shouldn't take long to get used to.

The touchpad is a bit sucky, but it might be that it just requires some use before it becomes.. usable.

Next thing to do is to get Ubuntu installed

guess I'll have to get a USB stick for that. I think this will be a good tool to use, feeling optimistic about it. More posts about it later.

[Later..] Getting slightly more accustomed to the keyboard, but it is scary how close and easy it is to mix up the enter and backspace keys.. don't want to be working with 'rm -rf' too much there. :)

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