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Prescription book

After a couple of hours with the psychologist, I've now gotten my hands on "Feeling good" - a book by D. Burns.

Website here:

(Yes I know, sales opportunity there, design and such could be better..)

I've started reading a bit and so far I'm optimistic. They make good arguments that you can change the way your brain works without using prescription drugs (such as SSRIs) and I'm thinking "Yes I can". ;)

I'm all for using as little medicine as possible, that's something I have from my mom I guess who has worked and is still working in the health sector.

Anyway, after trying to "fix" myself and cope in various ways for many years it feels good to be guided and helped by someone who is trained and pretty much nailed my state of mind on the first session. Which is good since the psychologist charges an arm and a leg an hour (around 165 USD per hour).

Reading books can be good, but when it comes to self-help, I think having a guide and help and then reading books to speed up / help the process is the key.

Fuck OCD, I think it stole a big chunk of my happy parts of life and fuck me for letting it. ;)

I just hope something good comes out of it all..

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