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Visitors to my blog

So I decided to look a bit at statistics today for this site, and found that there is quite a bit of constant traffic to this site.

Looking at the browser statistics shows this:

MS Internet Explorer - 37.2 %
Opera - 19.2 %
Firefox - 17.2 %
Google Chrome - 15.8 %
Mozilla - 6.2 %
Netscape - 1.9 %
Safari - 0.8 %

I'm surprised that there are so few Safari users, and that Netscape is still popular among some (!).. that's just statistics for one month though, and I've seen Firefox close on the top, often.

Speaking of browsers, today I had to fire up Google Chrome because Firefox was hanging on - I hope that's just a temporary glitch and not something permanent. I think Chrome is OK, but one should be free to choose any modern browser and expect it to work flawlessly with such a big service that GMail is.

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