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Encountering Python crash on numerous client connects to socketserver

On the SMPS package, I've refactored a bit since the last blog post, and I also encountered what looks like a bug in Python.

Python can randomly crash if too many client connections are made to the socketserver, and it crashes in such a way that it is difficult for me as a regular Python programmer to understand what the problem could be.

So although I was tempted to do a bit of C debugging and poke around, I do have limited time and energy, so I did the smart thing and patched it up so that it is easy to reproduce the problem:

and then I created an issue in the Python bug tracker:

[Added later:] Aha. So it turns out I was quitting threads, and this gave an unclear error message. Thanks to Jeff Epler for pointing that out.

That got worked on in this commit:

and the parent commit. Now with > 400 test connections I get an SSL handshake timeout, but, that's in ssl.c and probably due to some configuration setting somewhere.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [An SSL TCP client/server implementation in Python (Atom feed)] [24 Jul 18:13 Europe/Oslo]