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Coin update

The coin I laid outside the doorstep has been lying there for 3 days or so now. Interesting, one day it was pushed to the corner so I pushed it back.

Heh. :)

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Social experiment #1 (Atom feed)] [14 Oct 03:27 Europe/Oslo]


Another day, another krone. I really wonder if it's the same person picking up the coins.. I'll just keep putting coins there for now, and see if something interesting happens.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Social experiment #1 (Atom feed)] [08 Oct 23:24 Europe/Oslo]

A coin a day

So, the coin went missing again. I put a new coin there now.. :)

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Social experiment #1 (Atom feed)] [07 Oct 20:18 Europe/Oslo]

Robbed again

Heh.. so, the coin was gone again last night. I put a new one there a couple of hours ago.

I wonder if it's one person, or different people, who's picking up the coins.


[Permalink] [By morphex] [Social experiment #1 (Atom feed)] [05 Oct 15:56 Europe/Oslo]

It took less than a day - day 2

So, the coin I left in the hallway was gone late this afternoon:

No description available

so I left a new coin there when I noticed:

No description available

I SOO wish I had some sort of monitoring in the hallway, so that I could've seen who took the coin.  :)

Well, a new coin is there now, let's see how long it takes before that disappears.  And again, with some monitoring it would've been even more interesting.

Hey, there's a concept.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Social experiment #1 (Atom feed)] [03 Oct 23:43 Europe/Oslo]

Social experiment #1

Earlier today I dropped a coin as I was picking up the keys from my pocket, to unlock the door.

It was just 1 krone (1 NOK), so I didn't bother picking it up. It still laid there when I got back though, so I got a crazy idea. Let's just leave it there and check every day if anyone takes it.

When it lies that close to the door, you can kinda guess that it belongs to whomever lives there, so it will be interesting to see if someone takes it, and if so, how long it takes.

Here's the picture from day 1:

No description available

I'll update you on the status every now and then.. should be interesting.  :)

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Huh? (Atom feed)] [02 Oct 20:10 Europe/Oslo]