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It's a damn shame

This morning I was taking the bus home, and had to stop by the "city centre" to take the second leg of the bus trip. I ended up on a "nachspiel" night to Saturday and started the trip home around 8 Saturday morning.

When I stopped in the city centre there was around 20 minutes of waiting time before my bus home arrived, so I decided to get some food.

When I walked towards the 7-11 to get some grub, a 18-19-20-ish year old girl stopped me and asked if I had some "blablabla" (don't remember what it was). I said no and asked what that was.

She explained it was morphine, and I asked her, "what is a cute girl like you wasting your life on stuff like that for?" (she was cute). She didn't give any sensible answer so I said I would go to the store to get some food and come back afterwards (to continue chatting).

I got some food and came back to the place where she was standing, but then she was gone, and I wondered where she went.

I couldn't see her anywhere so I ended up taking the next bus home, and on the way back I found myself wiping some tears every 5 minutes, thinking it was a damn shame a cute girl like her would stand on a street corner early in the morning asking for drugs, because she had some pain to numb.

I have friends who smoke on occasion, and I don't mind smoking myself if the occasion is right, to have an alternative to drinking. I find it makes me very creative in the following weeks. But abusing drugs to numb pain is just.. sad, and it is a shame that drugs are illegal, since people who abuse drugs have issues. I'm sure if alcohol was the only drug available, you would have people who abused it to the .. level of heroin addicts abuse heroin.

I hope we get a drug law similar to what they have in the Netherlands here in Norway, and that focus is put on helping people with issues instead of punishing them (and hoping that will fix things).

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