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Kebab nation

After moving to Oslo, there's been a lot of Kebab eating, as Kebabs are tasty and fairly cheap. There are 2-3 Kebab shops right nearby (the part of town we live in is ethnically diverse), and some days it is just easier to go to one of those places and buy a dinner.

I think it is a fairly balanced meal as well, with meat, vegetables, bread and some other goodies.

My favorite is the Kebab roll, listed here:

It's also a dish many people opt for when coming back from parties, but you'd already know that by reading this:

"In the UK kebabs are most popularly eaten after a night out and many kebab shops will do their main business in the hours around closing time for local pubs and clubs. The same applies for The Netherlands, Australia and Scandinavia."

There's a delightful mix of culture here in Grønland, in fact, we have a shopping mall located in the same building where we're living and there you have different stores - for example a stored called

where you can get different kinds of movies made in Bollywood. I saw some movies like that when I was staying in India, but those were on TV and not that good (and in a language I didn't understand), surely there are better movies available on DVD now. Note to self: try out some of those movies. :)

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