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Family time, trip to Tusenfryd

Since last Friday, we (Hilde & I) have been having family visting, her parents, my mom and the extended family.

Lots of good food & drink, trips here & there.

Yesterday we went to Tusenfryd:

an amusement park here just outside of Oslo. Some pictures, me and my mom and Hilde and me:

No description available

No description available

On the last picture there you can see me clinging to the handlebar, as that could help in case something broke and we could fall out.  ;)

Hilde's family is good at arranging things together, and we have some good times;  in the short time we've been together (some 8 months and counting) it feels like I've gotten an big extended family and a lot of new friends.  And as you can see on the picture above, mom is enjoying herself as well.

We even went to the Bruce Springsteen concert on Monday, but I was too busy drinking beer and talking trash to take some pictures.

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