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Fat and happy

A couple of years ago I was working out really hard.. I've never been a jock so I decided I'd try out being really fit.

Now I'm a bit heavier than in my "fit period", but I'm happy. I eat what I want pretty much when I want and I don't spend a lot of time working out. I should get out and walk more often though.

I guess my "fit period" was just a daze I was in trying to find the up/down, left/right in life. I blame all the models and clothing people pushing their photoshopped images of people who can't do much else than work out and eat salads.

A bit FU to bad role models and a big grouphug to the big & tall and round & small.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Health (Atom feed)] [21 Jun 01:23 Europe/Oslo]