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Priorities (turn the volume down)

I've been reflecting about my life lately, especially now that Isak is about to arrive.. I see it as a big responsibility raising a child or three, and in todays high-paced society it is important to take the time to do simple things (in Norwegian):

My dad worked as a cop (just retired) and my mom worked in the healthcare sector (also communal/state). I see on the news some of the things they have to deal with in that line of work, and it can be tough I think..

It would be interesting to work in politics or something similar, I think I could make a contribution there. (Abid Raja who represents my party Venstre is an inspiration:

As I build Nidelven IT I learn a lot which could be applicable in politics, and it might seem as a natural set of stepping stones to go from business to business and non-profit work to politics.

But right now though, I'm happy with where I am. I'm a bit tired, as this successful haemotomachrosis treatment has unleashed a lot of emotions, combined with the adaptation to a new situation with a baby.

I feel like the company is like my farm (or ship) (although it is shared with Stig -, and it is also my domain where I get to take the lead and.. dictate if necessary. ;) Since I've built up the company I feel comfortable running it too.

So, maybe 5-10 years from now I'll do something different, but for now I'd like to relax, heal, enjoy nature and invest in good health. :)

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