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So, suddenly the word huss popped into my mind. I googled it, but couldn't see anything definitive. I seemed to remember it was a word, so I went to (a nice place to look up words), but it said it was only in the unabrigded dictionary.

And that costs 5$ per month. I thought, why not. is a fine service and I can pay a bit extra.

Is kinda sucks that information like that should be behind a paywall though.

I have a plan...


In not so related news, I was at the therapists place today. We talked, and it came up that I.. I think I have a somewhat negative memory. Earlier I blogged that I've always been a bit dietetically challenged, but we were up in Trondheim this week and looked at pictures, and there were many from my childhood were I wasn't obese.

I wonder if it has been some sort of very deep depression or something else, that has left a permanent imprint of some sort of thought.

I also seem to vex between different modes or interpretations of reality (3 at the moment), where some wacky thoughts pop up, and then it could also just be coincidences of events.

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