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Some human rights spanking from the US

(thanks Chris)

I think racism (or "racial profiling") is a problem here in Norway, but that's the way it is. It'll get better. Prejudice, fear.. Stories about immigrants on welfare.

I don't know what came first, but I talked to a cab driver last year about things, and he said "it is YOUR culture, that's the way it is". That stuck to my mind.

If someone is steadfast and doesn't want to integrate, problems happen. And natives are suspicious and have a culture and set of norms already.

OTOH, you'd think the people in charge would do a better job at integrating immigrants. I see in some muslim environments there's work to make change and integrate, so I guess things are happening. And one of the Islam-values-fearmongering political parties in Norway are asking for more school-time in Norwegian. And more integration (understanding) is better.

I've had beers with muslims myself, and they were OK, if not a bit hard around the edges (which could be because of any of the things above).

(Add soap)

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