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CO2 cleaning

I see the policital party SV, a party far on the left side. And when I say that, the party on the furthest right in Norway is socialistic compared to the Democrats in the US.

They're pushing forward for CO2 cleaning on a gas power plant (and more) in Norway to the tune of 27 billion NOK (some 4.5 billion USD).

I'd say go for it. And it doesn't have to be a Norway-based company either.. take some of the oil money (pension fund), invest in research and development.

Build business in the less economically developed parts in Eastern Europe, own the company and share the risk with the local government, local investors and others. Economic inbreeding isn't a good thing IMO.

It isn't necessary to have the company/companies in Norway. With ownership there is still a nice profit to be made.

The climate reports etc. done by the climate panel are I think, pretty solid, and if we have to fail, we should fail on the side of caution.

And we, in Norway, have a moral obligation to clean up CO2, as we've been made stinking rich by oil.

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