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So.. LIP

I'm back on the ground in some ways, but still feel stressed and tired.

I don't know if it is the disease or something else, but the half last year or so I've felt surveilled and manipulated. Where I am now, I know it seems far fetched, and it could just be me going into a negative cycle.

But, as these things go, I'd just like to say that my phone could have been eavesdropped/controlled (for a long time) and my computers also surveilled or controlled, and my input from the world (stuff I read and see on the net). I guess I've dumped enough of the threads that needed nesting to someone to make a rope and hang me with, but so be it. Accidents happen etc. So if something interesting happens in the future, I've probably said the wrong things or spoken publicly about something I shouldn't have.

Don't trust anything except what you can see me say in person. :)

That said, I'm having a hope that this could all resolve and be done with, and that I could get some sort of diagnosis on what are very real psychological issues. And that's perfect if you think in the paranoid sense, as it in many ways can discredit me.

I kind of jokingly thought I could go into politics, but where I am now.. if I get a diagnosis, I could go back to studies, and study something really interesting. Or, I could just continue working and fiddle with things on the side.

Art has begun to interest me more and more, so maybe something like that. But one has to make a living etc.

So we'll see. Now there's springrolls and cider.

Happy easter. ;)

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