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The walk

I think I'll go for a walk tomorrow, try to get somewhat into shape. 1-2 walks a week is a high enough goal for now.

Things feel OK, although I guess it is hard, I don't know if it is because I'm depressed or something else. Been pretty drained for energy the last 7-8 days.

I feel more normal, no that's wrong, *different* than I've felt in the last 6-7 months, and maybe for some years. This feeling of being burned out or something is there. I've been in the TOP project for a while now, where they map psychosis and such, where I answer questions in a structured interview.

Work is what keeps me going in many ways, it is good to have something to do. And the joy Isak can bring, even through an MMS message from the mountain. He's a cute kid, and brings me great joy. Even though I went through hell the last half year or so, I think maybe something has improved. I remember it was pretty bad and weird, but it is also a bit distant, maybe that's a coping mechanism.. forgetting the pain and stress. If not anything else, I'm in a system now where I could get some help.

I'm by myself now, taking a few days to wind down while Hilde and family are up on the mountain.

I need to find something fun and not stressful I think. A hobby. Whatever that should be I don't know. Maybe start reading books.

Playing Call of Duty is not as much fun now as it was some weeks or months ago. Maybe that's the meds.

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