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Rules of engagement (to whom?)

I read a bit about journalists and civilians getting killed by troops with what seemed as a just cause.

I haven't served, but I've had my own issues, and knowing that paranoia and delusions can really screw with you.

There was the case of the psychiatrist that went bananas last year and killed a number of soldiers on an army base..

There are rules of engagement, but what happens when those who are by any perception civilian are in fact masked soldiers? How would that be, day after day while failing on the line of goodwill can get you killed?

I know a guy that has been and is into army matters, and I can tell he's more on edge than the average guy. Not necessarily jumpy but apprehensive.

If someone of inferior force resorts to hiding-in-plain-sight to gain an advantage in war, then who is responsible for an increased number of noncombatants being killed?

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Politics (and judicial matters) (Atom feed)] [05 Apr 20:43 Europe/Oslo]