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The week in review

This week has been OK, a bit tiring at times. Isak has been sick since Sunday evening, and he is still sick - but I guess somewhat better.. he's more active and responsive now.

It has been very tiring for Hilde, where Isak wakes up several times at night and pukes and eats. As the doctor said, puking might be because the mucus from the nose-and-throat region gets swallowed.. on a lighter note, Hilde's sister says kids who puke get well faster.

I've had an OK week, some stress with work and tiring that Isak cries and is sick, which makes Hilde stressed as well. But, Hilde and I had a good chat the other day and I think I'm getting better too.

Some late evenings I still get the dry mouth / swallowing / breathing anxiety, and an evening or two ago it felt like I could die or something if I fell asleep, so I laid there, tried to relax and fall asleep and then a jolt hit me when I was about to go to dreamland. {Later.. and that happened repeatedly]

But, talking to the psychologist and getting to know that this is normal is comforting, and I know I have to work myself through things, however difficult it may be.

Today we went shopping at IKEA, and bought a big, fluffy rug (in moss-/olive-green) as well as orange and black towels, some kitchen and eating tools and misc. other things. When the furniture for the living and eating room arrives, we'll have an India-furniture style going.

I'm also thinking of getting two big framed flags (for Norway and India), which seems fitting. :)

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