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Better days

I think I'm getting better all-in-all, finding it easier to relax in periods, and having some laughs.

It is strange, the things I went through this winter (which scared the bejesus out of me), and that I can feel that I get tired after being with people is kind of funny. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger etc.

To laugh a little or a lot at others' quirks and your own is good I think, and this mental thing is what it is. I think for the first time in 15 years or so I'm able to at least have some good laughs now and then in "normal mode".

I've switched a bit around on the meds, so that there's 100 mg around noon, 100 mg late afternoon and 300 mg an hour or so before bedtime. It seems to work a bit better, but I'm not completely sure.

I talked to the pharmacist about the meds and the side-effects, and told me to talk to the doctor. So I think I'll talk to the doctor soon about Seroquel XR, which is a sustained-release thing that works the same over (I think) a 24-hour period.

But that variant of the medicine is still patented (IIRC) so it's more expensive and requires some paperwork to go through.

It's fun to see Isak develop, starting to get some personality and teeth and whatever else. It motivates me to get a better health too, I'm eating more fruit and vegetables than ever before.

It's weird, I guess you want to stick around and see how things go, as well as to be there. I've had some thoughts about "the end", but I'm starting to reconcile with the fact that we all go in the end, and that you have to "carpe diem and plan for tomorrow."

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