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My next phone, and Apple, HTC and TomTom

I've been wondering what my next phone will be, at times I've been tired of my old Nokia E90.. It discharges very quickly these days, I'm not sure why, it seems as if the battery started getting worn out after I switched to the Telenor mobile operator.

I've bought a 2,5mm to 3,5mm plug, and am able to use Spotify with headphones and it works well. Volume buttons inside the E90 enables music at the right volume.

My next phone.. well, I might just buy a battery for the E90.

If not, the match is between iPhone and HTC Evo 4G. I asked a salesman at the local mobile store, and he quite plainly said that unless you're an Apple fan, the HTC Desire is a good choice or another HTC phone is the best.

I've been looking at the HTC HD2 with Windows mobile, but he said it basically sucked.

I feel the iPhone screen is a little too small, and the 4,3" display on the GPS feels a lot bigger. Which reminds me, TomTom could borrow a trick from Apple and implement a keyboard and touch system that doesn't suck.

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