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Same-same, something new

Things are going OK these days, I've started doing some more strength exercise and keeping a very healthy diet.

I see the weight isn't changing that much, but the body is firming up, which is positive.

I've talked a bit to Hilde about what happened this winter, and after Hilde's observations, I got a lot better when they took me off the Zoloft. It's hard to describe what that Zoloft period did to me and I've probably forgotten/supressed a lot of it.

So I'm considering suing/raising a case for that specific medical treatment; if they want to cure or drug down patients with pills (which is cheaper) when it can have such an effect, they're also gambling a bit and should be made to pay when treatment goes drastically wrong. I got Zoloft "just like that" from my primary physician.

In other news, I'm doing the application for more sick-leave payment from the state in the proper way tomorrow, handing in some papers and documentation. I think it'll either be settled and I get the money, or we might try to get back a lot of the fees paid over the years to cover the sick-leave "insurance".


Which brings an idea to my mind. I think a lot of people in the psychiatric part of the health sector might be unable to fend for themselves, and maybe don't have the network.

It might be an idea to appoint a guardian to anyone who gets in touch with the psychiatry, so that the person's interests are taken care of.

I wouldn't have thought much about this Zoloft crap unless Hilde mentioned it to me a couple of times.

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