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Daring to try

So, lately I've been feeling a lot better, and the start of this week was nice.. However, I think too much coffee and activity brought me to a crash towards the end of the week.

During the Christmas holidays, I was feeling relaxed and really good, so the last couple of weeks had been good as well.

But I think the culprit here, as I think I had some manic episode this week. Tricked by feeling closer to normal, I set myself up for a knockout punch or two..

I'm aware now that a lot of my thinking earlier for some years, had been overly paranoid, and at times or all the time delusional.

So I see there is a psychotic disorder which is mainly about delusions.. But this week it felt like I was on top of the world.. So maybe it is schizoaffective disorder, which I see covers both paranoia, delusions and some sort of "bipolar" thing.

The doctor pretty much told me to not ruminate and read about mental diseases on the net but I don't feel it is ruminating, and anything that speeds up the process of getting the right diagnosis, and then treatment through medicine and therapy, is important.

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