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Taking it in stride

This last week has been good. I'm able to relax, work and in general take control of my mind.

There has been a component of obessive thoughts in my problems, and it is something I've become better at dealing with. Talking to the psychiatrist and being aware my own thoughts and what stresses me enables me to see what I should do.

Take it easy is one thing. I have a tendency to work 120% and exhaust myself when programming for example, but at least I'm getting better at taking breaks now.

Lately I've also thought about blogging about this thing. Sometimes it feels like I'm whining, and sometimes I want to pull the curtain and be private again.. but now that I've blogged about it, it's out there, and it is nice to see people get in touch and treat me normally, now that I'm feeling normal again.

I think it's important to talk about it; it is just a disease after all. A terrible disease, but something you can recover from.

I find myself meeting new people, and my mental health isn't something I want to talk about. It's more important to just be "on par" and be able to do normal things.

I did something big this weekend. I attended a class about politics, arranged by the political party I support (Venstre, There I had 2 presentations (one presentation reading off paper, one speech where I also stared a bit too much at the paper). But I have to congratulate myself on that.

Being scared, having a high pulse and then managing to pull it off.

For better or worse, I think being on the net has helped me through a lot of problems through the years, having something to do, talking a little to people and being a bit in touch. But there is also this thing that I've had scary thoughts and problems before, and I think being on the net and not interacting with people, has made me interpret things in the wrong (negative way).

Oh well, it feels a bit weird now to have blogged about this whole process and sometimes I want to undo it. But it's also important to just get the word out there and make it more normal to be sick, and be aware of what the signs are.

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