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Dealing with the old, finding the new

So, long time since the last update.

Today I got a Samsung Galaxy Tab in the mail and have a new toy to play with. My old iPad 1 got sold, and it took about an hour or two of advertising until a buyer bought it from me (maybe I sold it a bit too cheap).

Anyway, good to get rid of old things as they're likely to just collect dust anyway.

I've also after some ruminations found a good service for streaming movies (and maybe TV shows) on A little bit cheaper than renting physical DVDs - and that's OK.

I'm using Hilde's old laptop to stream movies, and it is *just* fast enough to stream movies. You'd think a dual core laptop processor @ 1.73 Ghz would be more than enough, but no. Hooked up via VGA to the TV, and the TV is connected to the surround system.

The old laptop is an Acer, and I think they had some problems for a while with a range of overheating laptops, so luckily I had an USB-pluggable cooling pad that lies beneath.

Otherwise in the health department, all things are looking up. Started exercising more and it helps. Some flashbacks and issues from the past are popping up but things are overall easier than before.

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