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Battery drain

I keep playing with the Galaxy Tab, and found that it was using up the battery quite quickly, even in "sleep" mode.

Well, I found "SystemPanel App / Task Manager" in the Android market after reading up a bit about it, and it runs in the background now and kills processes that are eating up battery, costing about 18 NOK to download and install from Nextapp.

The iPad had something like this built-in and battery lasted for a long time without any "hacks" being made, so score for Apple in the easy-to-use department there.

However, I do like the "rawness" of the Galaxy tab, installing the task manager gave me an overview of CPU usage etc. and which processes that are running, something more Linux-like than the iPad, and I've played with Linux for many years.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Samsung Galaxy Tab (Atom feed)] [03 May 13:16 Europe/Oslo]