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Suffering from the old clock mechanics

So, I've been a bit overweight for a while, and that's not good for the health. Some acquaintances are doing the low-carb diet, and I see it has been successful, as in they've lost quite a bit of weight.

I was watching the Discovery channel today about the "fertile half moon" (in the Middle East) where the oldest known form of farming started some 10000 years ago.

For us white westerners the problem is surplus of food, surplus of "bad" food such as sugar and fat. In the olden days I assume that we were hunter-gatherers here up north, and eating carbs was associated with autumn, berries and other ripe fruits and vegetables and storing up fat for the long, hard, cold and energy-lacking winter.

It makes sense to me that low-carb diets would work, and I'm thinking of starting one at a later point, although I see Quetiapine can raise the blood-sugar (and thus hindering the ketosis process which burns fat in low-carb diets).

Oh well, we'll see.

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