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Used it twice (Diazepam)

So, I took another one of these on Thursday, and it helped then too. The plan was to use it max once a week, but given the choice, I took 5 mg.

Mmm, we've been here 3 weeks now, I'm starting to miss Norway. The cold weather, and firing up the fireplace. And good long walks.

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In control

So, I'm really happy about the Diazepam, it gives me control over the panic attacks, the last big thing that's really been bugging me.

The panic attacks and the anticipatory angst of a new one are a vicious cycle, and with other things such as psychosis and regular angst under control, it is possible to feel when panic angst is building.

As long as I have the Diazepam ready, I'm able to relax. Used it once so far.

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Diazepam approved

Well, I had that panic-attack-could-come feeling today, so I took a 5 mg tablet. It took a little while before it worked, but I did feel better.

Lately I've gotten a thing against intoxication, but this Valium thing wasn't a "buzz", it was more of a calm and snooze. :)

Good to know I have this available now, I know the whole day and next day(s) won't feel like crap and then some.

I'd rather not take it, but snoozy and feeling OK is better.

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