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Doing the math

Today I started working out at a new gym, as we decided the company should pay for our gym expenses. It was a nice place with lots of equipment and space.

Did the regular thing with 30 minutes of cardio and then 2-3 strength related exercises and got some tips from one of the guys who worked there, on how to focus on certain muscle groups and improve the results.

They also had a weight there, so I checked my weight and lo and behold, I've lost 4 KGs since the start of this year. Doing the math, that's 4000 (grams) * 9 (calories) = 36000 calories, which amounts to about 600 ((4000*9)/60) calories per day or about 0.5 KGs of fat per week.

That's a healthy weight reduction, and I must say that I'm happy with the results, even after having a weekend here and there with partying and extra food.

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