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Doing the math, part 2

Well, I got a little surprise at the gym today. Just for fun I checked my weight again and now I was down 5.5 KGs since the start of this year.

I guess it varies on the amount of water, goo and stuff you have in your body, the time of day and so on - but wow. That's a 1.5KG difference in two days.

Anyway, the people at the gym are nice and helpful. Discussed whether Creatine could be helpful and they said it was helpful in gaining extra "juice" while working out, as well as buffing the muscle mass since Creatine helps the muscles bind more water.

So I ordered a box of Creatine today and will start using that next week, look forward to seeing the results.

There's a study that suggests Creatine helps boost the brain as well:

for veggies at least. More about Creatine supplements here:

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