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Fixing an issue with an issue

Got off the phone with my dad a little while ago, and we had a chat about different things. Anything from how's it going to work to global things.

We somehow got into the subject og climate, global climate and global warming which got me thinking of how to deal with it.. consensus is that global warming is happening, and that we should deal with it to avoid big (unpleasant) changes.

We can say that all humans on this planet have an equal right to produce CO2, and that this is capped according to whatever the scientists find is the right amount.

Then, each country could govern these rights, give them out to individuals or companies (entities) - a year at a time for example. These in turn can use them as they wish, either sell the quota or use it.

That way, all people over the entire world get a slice of the pie, and could .. use it as they wish. People could live "ecologically" or not; people get rewarded depending on how they act towards "the rest of the world". If someone in the "3rd world" lives off the nature and don't pollute, they get more money and can spend it as they wish.

Of course, there would need to be some (transparent, good) system in place for this to work, to keep account of who's using/buying/selling what. But we have models for this that we could adapt - and it should function.

It would mean a lot of work for a lot of people, but what else can we do?

I'm sure someone has thought along the similar lines and maybe I'm ignorant for missing it. But I thought I'd share.

Now, back to work. ;)

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