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Refreshing change

Yesterday I helped out Kaye (my brother) on his store, doing an inventory count. We were some 10-15 people and spent 8 hours or so counting up stock.

I had a short stint earlier working at a similar store, but that didn't last long due to .. various reasons. :)

The tasks were easy enough, but there were some challenges as well, with things that didn't work as expected. One notable thing was the sticky notes used to keep track of the count on each product, but that was solved with rolls and rolls of tape.

Kaye has created a great working environment at the store, where people are friendly and sort out most things themselves without having anyone rip some lip. Kaye is a people person, I think I've always seen that in him.

Now all that's left is figuring out what I'm going get compensated for my help, if anything. ;)

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