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Chaw (Oliver Twist)

My oldest brother gave me some Oliver Twist last week, and I tried it and it was really nice. I've always thought of Chaw as an "old mans tobacco", but I guess I'm getting older. :)

I also see in the news that Phillipp Morris are suing the state because that tobacco is being hidden out of sight in places where you can buy it. I guess the best they can hope for in the long run is an inverse Streisand Effect where they keep (re-)recruiting some tobacco users.

I fell into the trap and here I am. Maybe I've self-medicated a bit with tobacco too, but anyway. Having tobacco on display anywhere is marketing, if you think about it. I think it would be good if we could get all .. "drugs" into some sort of system so that people could be helped if they fall too far down.

There's the choosing your poisons thing, but even if it is taxed, I guess the money could be better spent (and taxed/retrieved) elsewhere, there'll be less sick people and more money to spend on other, important health issues.

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It's a celebration, bitches

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Somebody pointing their nose

(thanks Eirik)

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From whales to packs of fishes

(thanks Chris)

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Figuring out this business thing

Lately I've been working my butt off, for good reason. My guesstimate for a project was a bit off, so I had to do double-time to reign it in.

That's how you learn I guess. I've been in this game for over 10 years now and still learning. But I have faith that it will all be worth it some day.

Heck, now I even had some time and energy to update and fix my weblog. One thing I've become vary about lately is legal things. Different rights on different things. So I've combed through the weblog to make sure I'm on the right side of the track there. We've been shelling out money on lawyers for contracts and such lately so I've figured I've gotta keep my path clean in whatever I do that can be even loosely related to the business.

This weblog is a personal thing, but if some uptight dude or dudette comes along I don't want to have anything out of order. It makes sense too, as I start to play the I-own-this game I've gotta play by the rules..

This blog has been a bit slow but I didn't bother to check why. Turns out spammers were hammering a demo of this tool with spam, so I made a public demo private instead. Easy, but not so fun fix. :)

Oh well, time to go to bed.

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Good for business

(thanks Hoffa)

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Working 9 to 9

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I'm an eager reader of "Verden vil bedras" (The world wants to be deceived) - a blog which I stumbled over a while ago, while googling for "verden vil bedras."

Today I read a posting about the housing bubble here in Norway, and the people who've been pushing the prices up up and away. These same people who have everything to gain from prices going up. Now these people (whose businesses are close to bankrupt) are going into the debt collection business, collecting money from hard-working and/or unfortunate people who get lured into buying things they don't need. And you can't go bankrupt as a person here in Norway (in the traditional sense of the work), you can get deals however. 5 years of hard work and little income to live off, and then if you get lucky later and strike it rich, the people who lured you into buying it can still come and collect.

What I surmise from this is that basically, this is our modern day version of torture. You will get tortured until you understand (or believe, whatever you like). A broken system?

Anyway, I don't have the time or energy translate it - here it is, a good read:

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Legal vacuums suck

NDA is part of the DNA of interesting business. I guess.

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I like the name, I like the colors

Maybe get myself one of these soon?

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Refreshing change

Yesterday I helped out Kaye (my brother) on his store, doing an inventory count. We were some 10-15 people and spent 8 hours or so counting up stock.

I had a short stint earlier working at a similar store, but that didn't last long due to .. various reasons. :)

The tasks were easy enough, but there were some challenges as well, with things that didn't work as expected. One notable thing was the sticky notes used to keep track of the count on each product, but that was solved with rolls and rolls of tape.

Kaye has created a great working environment at the store, where people are friendly and sort out most things themselves without having anyone rip some lip. Kaye is a people person, I think I've always seen that in him.

Now all that's left is figuring out what I'm going get compensated for my help, if anything. ;)

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The gift that keeps on giving

I got a nice present for Christmas from Chris ( It's a certificate which gives me some money I can loan out to entrepreneurs around the world, through

I was daydreaming about something similar maybe half a year or year ago. I remember playing a lot of Sim City in my younger days, and the fun of that was building things and seeing what works.

I'd like to see something similar for developing countries; the ability to participate in some project somewhere, where you get frequent updates where you can see the results of your ideas, investments and things like that.

Might be helping modernize a town, might be something else. Total transparency would be needed of course.

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What to get myself

Christmas is a nice thing.  It's a bit of stress buying presents, and helping around the house - but you get out of the usual routine and get some days of pure joy and relaxation.

So, we have a little bit of extra cash in the company, so I'm wondering what it makes sense to spend that on.  If not saving it for a rainy day.

My laptop has been overheating randomly, and it's a bit slow.  Which is an annoyance at times as it is my ultimate work tool.  So, maybe getting a new, kick-ass laptop could be something.  On the other hand, it's not that long since I bought it, so maybe use it for another 6-12 months and get some ROI.  I wouldn't give it to anyone else, even for free, because it's badly worn.  :)

Anyway, I've also been considering taking an MBA.  It's expensive and time-consuming, but maybe also a good investment. If I can get the company to pay for the education and maybe some of the time spent studying, it could be a good thing.  It's good for the company, it's good for me.  But it will cost money.

Since my late teens I've not been big at school;  I used to love it, then dreaded it, now I'm kind of motivated for it again.  I see the value of adding to my "knowledge bank" the easy way, instead of trial-and-error (which is extremely valuable knowledge too, but maybe takes a while longer, not to mention might be more painful).

Oh well, we'll see.  Times are-a-changin' :)

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Random suckage

A couple of days ago I bought a new wireless router, so I could lay on the sofa with my laptop.

Visiting mom for Christmas, and thought why not get a wireless router so that she and my sister get wireless access, and I get it whenever I'm here in Trondheim for business reasons.

Well, the first router didn't work.  It was cheap, so I thought to myself, OK - you get what you pay for.  It kept dropping the connection, both to the ADSL modem, as well as the laptop.  So I decided to try upgrading the firmware.  That helped for a little while, then it started misbehaving again.

Today I traded in that router for a more expensive one, and thought that would fix things.  But no;  after a while it completely shut down and was extremely hot when I tried to handle it.

So, I'm going to deliver that router back, and not buy anything from that router manufacturer for a while, and be skeptical about buying anything from that electric store.

Trading in the broken router was an ordeal in itself, as I got a receipt for only the "upgrade price";  when explaining that I needed a receipt for the entire amount for accounting, the employees were not sure what to do, and finally ended up giving me a "warranty slip" for the entire amount.  Which may be good enough for accounting, but I don't know.  But that's not too much of a problem now, as I'll be delivering the router back and getting a full refund.

What's the lesson here?  I dunno..  it might have been better to go to a more expensive, dedicated store.  If you spread too wide, chances are that the quality of what you're offering goes down.  It also makes sense to research products and brands first, so that you know what to go for before buying something.

Oh well, I'm back to using a cable for internet access now.  Which is OK, but it would've been better to have wireless.


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It's a lifestyle

Lately I've been considering how things are going in my life, with business, personal stuff and everything.

I was fortunate enough to meet a very sweet girl about a month ago. We've talked a lot about different things, and we are comfortable together. It's been a while since I had a girlfriend, so it took a while to get used to it.

Balancing work, a girlfriend, friends and other activities is a bit tricky, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. Hilde (my girl) is understanding, and we talk together about different things so it's working out.

I've been doing this Nidelven IT thing for 5 years now, and this year is going to be the best we've done so far. I feel we've got a good network, both through our partners and our customers.

I've been reading Wealth Bondage / Gift Hub for a while now, and it's been a part of my thought process. Serving the double bottom line, doing well while doing good.

It's a balancing act; taking care of those around you, making sure everyone gets a good deal, while also watching out for possible dangers.

If it's windy at the top, why not do it like the penguins do? :)

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Bubble trubble

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Unwanted (but funny) message, from (in your) face book

No description available


Sweaty balls?

Try Balls Powder!  Keeps your crown jewels dry and comfortable.

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A terrable mistake

The last week a news story has been rolling on TV2 Nyhetskanalen (dedicated news channel here in Norway), about some communities in northern Norway which invested many millions of dollars in a "clever" package sold by Terra Securities (and created by Citibank).

It's human to make mistakes, but you would think that when there's that much money involved, you'd check, double-check and triple-check everything.

Oh well.

More about it here:

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Wanting to be creamy

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Congratulations to Plone Solutions on their new name, Jarn. A wise move.. :)

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Whackin' the box

My company is offering some new packages for those of our customers that are a bit vary about cost and scope:

We've been delivering these packages together with the talented guys from WOW Medialab ( for a while, and here's hoping some will trip over this offer on our company website as well.

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In all honesty (taking a hike)


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Transaction costs

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<Nixon> Var et sånt firma som gikk ned veldig på tirsdag.
<Nixon> Alt av siter var nede hele dagen.
<Nixon> De hadde en sånn hjemmeside der det stod i topp-banneret, (sic)
* Rad chuckles.
<Nixon> De syntes visst ikke det var så morsomt at man ringte å påpekte det.

For those of you who don't understand Norwegian:

A hosting company had a lot of problems on Tuesday. On their website it said "WE HAVE FULL CONTOL ON YOUR WEBSITE."

They weren't very happy when Nixon (Daniel) pointed that out.


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Hey, I just noticed I don't have a business category. Here we go.

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