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A busy day

We went to the priest's office today, for the talk before Isak gets baptised. The priest was a nice and wise man, who talked about being a Christian was about the relationship to God. And that man acquired the knowledge of what is sin and isn't.

I've wondered lately, what else is there. Is there something beyond the physical boundaries. One can wonder..

He drawed while talking (upside down too), the image is scanned and below (I assume it's OK to publish it, since I got it after asking to keep it). He had a nice thread going through the conversation and went off track inbetween and made some interesting points. He also mentioned that it wasn't about indoctrination, I've had some thoughts about that before - but oh well.

But yes, a nice man - 65 years old. At the end I asked if he had read The Divine Comedy.. he said no, he had heard about it. But that his wife (who's into books) - probably had.

So, here's the drawing (click on it for a larger version):

No description available

On Sunday there's the baptizing, I guess afterwards - we'll eat cake - and maybe mom/mom-in-law can make some Waldorf-salad too.

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