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Walled gardens, the pig in the river that ate its passenger (the pancake)

I am seeing bits and bobs about twitter, facebook and other user-generated-content sites.

It is the content that users generate and their inherent structure which provides exciting ways of mining new data.

I guess we'll see the UGC sites blossom, and like the pig that could've helped the pancake across the river, it would eat the pancake.. It is after all, a pig.

But the interesting thing here is user content. In the long run I think services like Facebook, Twitter and so on will be legally required to share their raw data created by users, and to do so at the same rate it would charge to itself, plus a markup, similar to how telecommunication companies do today when resellers renting access to infrastructure make money on top.

It depends on how these pervasive these services get I guess.. if you have photos on your machine, and upload them to Facebook that's one thing. Another is to directly tweet something or update your status.

I also think we'll see users wanting to be paid for their opinions. There are services out there today that premier you with points etc. for giving you their mind on things.

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Politics (and judicial matters) (Atom feed)] [24 Apr 19:52 Europe/Oslo]