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Making good ground

So, today I have an appointment with the psychiatrist again, first time in well over a month.

I've been able to relax during the vacation, and reflect. So I went on and on about thoughts and such, the "hour" we had went by pretty fast.

I'm happy with my psychiatrist, but I think I want things to progress faster, so I might use a psychologist as well. I see they have different lengths of psychological education, so it might be worth doing both.

I don't think I'd be as normal as I am now, without the medicines. But it looks like I'm getting the money I should from the state regarding sick-leave, so I'll get a dash of cash where I can spend some on a private psychologist. 1 hour, for 46 weeks, is 23000 NOK. I think that sounds reasonable.

The question will be if the psychiatrist and psychologist can work in paralell, or even work a little bit together.

And that I can deduct on my taxes as well.

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