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Structure is king

So, lately things have gotten a lot better, I feel normal and it is easy to concentrate on things. Easier than it has been for many years.

One of the things I've lacked for some years is a good structure on the day. Clear 8-4 workhours, then not doing anything too exciting in the evenings and getting a good night of sleep.

No caffeine, no alcohol, no truxal (I stopped taking 30 mgs in the mornings a couple of weeks ago), no work after 15 or 17 depending, and going to bed early as well as getting up early at around the same time every day.

+ Some exercise of course, and eating healthy food such as 3-4 fruits a day, one fiber-rich meal and normal Norwegian "household feed".

I have one vice left, and that is "snus". Maybe I'll stop using it some day, but right now it is good to have something to enjoy.

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