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Coming down, getting up

So, we've been on vacation for a week now. Good fun, and nice to be with family.

I feel better than ever I think, it's been steady progress towards a stable-everyday mental state. I'm getting more relaxed about things now, and see most things (problems) as something I can try at and if I fail or get self-conscious I tend to be able to not give a fuck, or shrug it off if you will.

I see most things as an exercise and just see opportunities at getting better. If people want to make fun of things or give me a hard time then that's their problem.

I feel smart, I feel sharp. It's easy to talk about most things, and I'm also getting playful in social situations.

At times I've had some scary physical symptoms which I did talk to my psychiatrist about, and I'm able to tell myself now that thinking about having a scary physical condition doesn't necessarily give you that condition. Although stressing about blood pressure over time would probably give, high blood pressure. It's easy to get psychosomatic symptoms I think, maybe in combination with medicine as "coming down" from a psychotic episode presents its own challenges and then psychosis restitution symptoms are attributed to the medicine.

A small thing I found that works well, is splitting the "good night" dose into 2 smaller parts, so instead of taking 400 mg of Quetiapine at 9, I take 2 at 7 and 2 at 9. Works well, and take the unpleasant side-effects of the medicine away. And it's good sense too, as taking 400 at once is a lot more than 200 in the morning and 200 in the early afternoon.

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