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Top ten

VG, I guess the biggest newspaper in Norway, both in print and online, have a top-ten list over good reasons to choosing Linux:

Guess you don't need a big marketing budget when the product.. sells itself through word of mouth. :)

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On second thought

I read a very interesting comment on /.:

and giving it some thought, I think those at the top @ Microsoft might know that there are holes in the dam and that the desktop monopoly is about to bust. Maybe it is just about buying time to entrench other markets and earn some more money on the desktop bit while they can..

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I <3 my Linux

Yesterday I bought myself a printer; I haven't had one for years as I've been trying to go "paperless".. but, things being what they are, you have to print documents at times, sign them and get them scanned in some cases.

That's why I bought an all-in-one printer from HP (Officejet) which supports printing, scanning and faxing.

Yesterday the printer was setup, and setting up the printer on Linux was peaches; just search for a printer, and there it was found - on the network.

Today though I had to scan some things as well, and XSane couldn't find the scanner, so I had to download and run the HPLIP installer:

it asked a bunch of questions, un-installed the default HPLIP installation and installed itself. Easy enough, but maybe not that easy for mortal users.

So, now I have a printer and scanner on the network, and it's working quite well. I remember the days where setting up a printer in Linux could be quite a job, with kernel compiling, library dependencies, special applications and whatnot.

Linux sure has come a long way, and in some areas it is better than Windows, even though Linux is Free.. it's interesting to see Ballmer the monkey scream and jump around about how Linux infringes on their intellectual property, trying to scare people and organizations from using it and getting a cut.

Sure, some things in Linux are copied or pretty similar to what's in Windows, but then again, how much has Microsoft copied from others without paying a dime? And how many dirty tricks has Microsoft used throughout the years to build and maintain their monopoly?

The distaste for Microsoft grows for each day, and even if they come up with cool things every now and then, it just doesn't appeal to me, getting or using something that is tainted by their past and current antics.

What would the world have looked like today, without Microsoft? One can only wonder..

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Re-installing Ubuntu

A while ago I managed to screw up my Ubuntu installation by upgrading to an experimental version, and as a result of that I ended up running Windows XP for a while, because I didn't want to spend time fixing my Ubuntu installation.

But, lately I've been having problems with my Windows installation lagging and being irritatingly slow, so I'm back to Ubuntu Linux again. At least with Linux, I know when it is my fault when something breaks.

I'm actually blogging this from the computer I'm currently installing on, which is in itself a very cool thing. Wireless and everything works out of the box.

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Screen shot

A screenshot of an uncluttered desktop:

No description available

This is another excellent mandolux background.  Right click
the image an click on "view image" or something similar
to get the full-size picture.

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Some desktop backgrounds

Here you'll find some desktop backgrounds for your screen setup. Most backgrounds fit for 2 screens, some even for 3:

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After playing around a bit with the X configuration on Ubuntu, I've finally got a dual screen setup working.

It is running Gnome, and the best part is that I not only have a dual screen setup, those dual screens work on each virtual desktop as well! On virtual desktop 1 I have Rhytmbox running in the left screen and various internet messaging tools in the right screen. On the second virtual desktop I have Thunderbird at the left and Firefox at the right.

This, people, is going to rock!

Here's a (poor) shot:

No description available

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