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Screen shot

A screenshot of an uncluttered desktop:

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This is another excellent mandolux background.  Right click
the image an click on "view image" or something similar
to get the full-size picture.

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Some desktop backgrounds

Here you'll find some desktop backgrounds for your screen setup. Most backgrounds fit for 2 screens, some even for 3:

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After playing around a bit with the X configuration on Ubuntu, I've finally got a dual screen setup working.

It is running Gnome, and the best part is that I not only have a dual screen setup, those dual screens work on each virtual desktop as well! On virtual desktop 1 I have Rhytmbox running in the left screen and various internet messaging tools in the right screen. On the second virtual desktop I have Thunderbird at the left and Firefox at the right.

This, people, is going to rock!

Here's a (poor) shot:

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