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New gig, new tasks

So we've got a new gig for a customer, creating a website which among other things includes a feature where a live-image-feed of their office is one of the tasks. This is on Zope and Plone of course.

Today I picked up a web camera (Logitech QuickCam Sphere AF) - looks good so far and it has up to 8 megapixels capacity. It is also possible to enable tracking of people and autofocus, but both those features are.. not 100%.

So, now all that remains on that bit is finding a tool that can capture these images and upload them to the website. I think I've found one (it's called fwink), but it remains to be seen after some testing if it'll hold up.

I've gone through 5-6 different webcam-to-website upload tools and all of them sucked, badly. At the bottom of the list was an Open Source tool (fwink) which actually worked. The only irk is that it has port 21 for FTP as a default - I'd like something where you can define the port yourself so I mailed the author. I have my hopes up, maybe this could be an easy fix.

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