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An encounter with NAV, Euroskolen, Sonans, Anne C Stavelie, Anne-Grete Dahlberg and Guri Ulfsnes

So, a couple of years ago (2014-15 I think), I attended a thing I wasn't motivated for, setup by the Norwegian welfare system hub, NAV.

They were then called Euroskolen, and looks like they are now Sonans.

In their report, which surfaced now that NAV has been been very eager to get me going, when I wanted peace and quiet because of going to court regarding the kids, they wrote that I was "usually late", which I find not to be recognizable as a characteristic for me.

So I asked them to retract that statement/report, which they refuse to do.

I understand it that they don't keep records of attendance, when people meet up etc. If I remember correctly, the kids mom which I've been in conflict with for a number of years, has a dad who is a member of Odd Fellow, and Odd Fellow owned the property (big sign on the wall) where Euroskolen operated. I thought that was a weird coincidence then, but there you go..

It should not be that hard to retract a report or a statement, if you can't document it.

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Roger, roger, roger

So, I've been through a process of medication, therapy and general treatment.

When I think back now and see how things have been, I've had some heavy problems for a long time.. why I didn't seek help I'm not sure of, but one can get used to pretty much anything.

Not seeking help sooner was stupid, but it might also be a part of the disease, to be alone.

Well, I should give myself a pat on the back. I've managed to build a million kroner business with a psychotic disorder.

To me, it makes the whole achievement many, many times bigger.

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Food for thought (like fish in water)

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Song of the day (2)

Queen - Too much love will kill you

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V as in Victory

Since I'm on partial sick-leave now and taking it easy I think it is important that I give myself some pats on the back.

Here's a summary page for my company's performance:

You can see the graph on the right hand side is the result before taxes and it has a V-like shape, 2006 was OK, 2007 was not so OK and 2008 was great. The graph on the left is the turnover.

With the progress we've made, the things we've learned, the value we've created for our customers and how the future looks, I'm quite optimistic.

It's good to see that the wheels are turning, even though I'm mostly away these days. :)

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All about javascript

A long time ago (1999-2000 I think) I wrote a, relatively, huge javascript library for a web-application that never happened. A lot of the work in that library was creating code that could be used cross-browser consistently, including some widgets.

These days my Javascript work is mostly doing some small scripting and changes here and there, but I'm thinking of getting more into Javascript again as it seems to be a necessity for a lot of web applications today.

Thankfully there are frameworks and libraries out there that take a lot of the work out of creating advanced things today, guess I'll have to dig around to find the framework that works best.

I like the idea of a Python interpreter in Javascript (Skulpt comes to mind:, but after all this time, I think Javascript has its charm. Besides, adding a "translation layer" on top of a language has some overhead and some quirks of its own. On the other hand, a unified "Python frontend" to browser development that eats up the inconsistencies between browser implementations *could* be really sweet.

Oh well, enough daydreaming.. now back to doing something that pays the bills.

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Up the the middle of the night

So I got a server alert at 00:25 this .. "morning" and had to spring to action. Luckily it was an easy issue to fix, now I'll just have to wind down for an hour or two before getting to sleep. Good thing I'm getting compensated for it. ;)

Up again before 10:00 to start the work day. The new plan is to work 10 - 14 on a regular basis and work flexibly the rest of the day. To get some structure into it all, starting with a simple plan.

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Servers, a SAN, lots of cables and a switch

The last couple of days have been interesting for me, I've been setting up a Storage Area Network (SAN), some servers and a switch. With the good help of the folks from Servetheworld it went smoothly.. a few bumps in the road but fun. The SAN weighed around 40 KGs - quite heavy, and it wasn't that long either, but 3 Us tall.

Here's Dag, wouldn't been possible without his help:

No description available

So, now we're soon ready to host a new customer which requires a few servers, and in a week or two we'll have some new irons with 72 GBs of RAM each to take over hosting for the old servers.

Oh well, interesting times. I've been working for 14 hours now, but I don't feel that tired. The overtime-pizza helped I guess. :P

Now, just to get things ready before I take 4-5 days off, to .. relax in Amsterdam. :D

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Write in C

I've always wanted to learn a bit more about writing C code, but nothing yet. Here's something that'll motivate me though

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A little tip for all these content people out there

I've encountered copying and pasting from Microsoft Office (Word) lately on Vista, and it turns out Word doesn't jive well with Plone editors such as FCKeditor, TinyMCE or Kupu.

A lot of XML and other .. crap is put into the HTML source when copying from Word to a web based editor.

The solution? Use Openoffice 3. It creates nicer HTML, in the cases I've tested anyway.

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New gig, new tasks

So we've got a new gig for a customer, creating a website which among other things includes a feature where a live-image-feed of their office is one of the tasks. This is on Zope and Plone of course.

Today I picked up a web camera (Logitech QuickCam Sphere AF) - looks good so far and it has up to 8 megapixels capacity. It is also possible to enable tracking of people and autofocus, but both those features are.. not 100%.

So, now all that remains on that bit is finding a tool that can capture these images and upload them to the website. I think I've found one (it's called fwink), but it remains to be seen after some testing if it'll hold up.

I've gone through 5-6 different webcam-to-website upload tools and all of them sucked, badly. At the bottom of the list was an Open Source tool (fwink) which actually worked. The only irk is that it has port 21 for FTP as a default - I'd like something where you can define the port yourself so I mailed the author. I have my hopes up, maybe this could be an easy fix.

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Another notch in the belt

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Light blogging (steam)

It's been light blogging lately, I'm currently busting my noble bits on a big project. Not much to say now, but we're in good shape. At times I feel like a stretched-out octopus.

Focus, focus, focus!

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I can relate to that

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On the 3rd try

84 words

Speed test

It was worth a couple of tries:

"353 points, so you achieved position 74628 of 1345635 on the ranking list.

You type 448 characters per minute
You have 84 correct words and you have 0 wrong words
Might be worth revisiting later. "

On the other hand, less is more.. ;)

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Just another day @work

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A whole lot of it

receiving file list ...
7470982 files to consider

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Interesting how you get job offers when you don't need them. Oh well. :)

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Biz, biz, biz

We welcome EUbusiness to our hosting label:

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Work (Atom feed)] [01 Jun 01:07 Europe/Oslo]

Ninja time

We welcome Plone Solutions to our hosting label:

[Permalink] [By morphex] [Work (Atom feed)] [20 Apr 18:45 Europe/Oslo]

Long day

Today I've worked for 13 hours, on different projects handling different issues. Man, I look forward to getting to sleep. :)

It seems that the same day I decide to really step it up, work hard and clear some of the issue backlog, server alarms go off and things are happening.

Oh well, it is kinda cool as well. Something out of the ordinary when things happen and you gotta respond quickly.

Tomorrow should be a normal day, with exercise, good healthy food (fish, vegetables, rice amongst others) and a sane work pace. Look forward to that.

I wonder, as someone said a little while ago: Does Bush eat Rice? ;)

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